Privacy Policy:

You'll be pleased to know nothings changed, any information we receive from you in the course of normal business we treat as 100% confidential. Any information stored is encrypted and only able to be accessed by one named individual.

We’ve never used any apps or social networks that insists in their terms and conditions that they access everyone’s address book, photos or private data, why would anyone?.

We don’t record your telephone conversations.
We never share any of your information without your prior permission.

Forget web site cookies, we don’t use them, this means we don’t track you on the internet.
We do not perform mass mailshots, emailshots or nuisance calls.

If you would like more information or for us to remove you (securely delete) you from our private, firewalled and encrypted customer list, please call 01322 349500 or email and consider it done.

WDS Signs Ltd 01322 349500

Privacy Policy


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